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graphic designer colleges in utah What you need to remember as an administrator of the group board is to pin to it regularly so that the contributors will want to pin to an active board. 8. Make your website’s Pinterest board the first one they seeThis goes without saying really but it is an important one for businesses. As well as providing a neat preview of what you or the business is about, it also saves a lot of time as you can use this board as a base to share your pins out from. 9. Don’t scare away your followersGetting followers is fun, but once you have them, you should try your best to keep them. And posting your website’s content all over their Pinterest homepage won’t go down well. So as a rule, space your pins out and try for repinning 2 3 other posts every time you post from your own website. 10. Try to Pin like your followersYou need to spend some time analysing the outcome of your pins so that you can see which do well and which don’t. You should keep in mind these things when assessing your Pins on Pinterest:When do you get the most repins?What types of titles do well?How do your Pin descriptions affect repinning?What kind of people are repinning your content?This will help you to better target your followers, as you can find out when they spend time online, to find this out, we have to consider when our followers are sleeping, eating, working etc.

He designed many posters and corporate identities, including the logos for IBM, UPS and ABC.